Can Testosterone Boosters Help Your Hair Grow?

Testosterone supplements are powerful and effective when taken as prescribed, capable of stimulating consistent hair growth and filling in hairlines. These synthetic hormones work by blocking the formation of DHT and slowing down its production rate. Taking testosterone supplements daily, or even twice a day, can help to alter the body's natural functions. Hair loss is unfortunately more common in men than women, which is why the idea that testosterone and hair loss are related first emerged.

However, it's not as simple as increasing testosterone levels to stop baldness or cause hair to grow back. Hormones can have an impact on hair loss, but it's not the amount of testosterone or DHT that causes baldness - it's the sensitivity of the hair follicles. This sensitivity is determined by genetics, with the AR gene producing the receptor in hair follicles that interact with testosterone and DHT. If these receptors are particularly sensitive, they are more easily activated even with small amounts of DHT, leading to hair loss.Testosterone is a messenger for things like muscle growth, bone density, mental focus, and even hair growth.

While men receiving testosterone replacement therapy may accelerate androgenic alopecia, the use of testosterone has been shown to increase facial and body hair growth. If you have low testosterone levels, using a form of testosterone therapy to increase your testosterone levels can have real benefits for your health, well-being and quality of life.It's important to note that taking testosterone for an extended period of time isn't good for the body's production of testosterone. Studies have shown that the duration of testosterone supplementation can be correlated with hair loss, as longer exposure to exogenous testosterone increases the risk of male pattern baldness. If you've been diagnosed with low testosterone levels, your healthcare provider may prescribe a therapeutic form of testosterone to help increase your testosterone levels so they're within the normal range.You can test your testosterone levels from the comfort of your home with a testosterone test kit for home use.

Low testosterone levels are a treatable condition, and one of the most common treatment options is the use of injectable testosterone to bring serum testosterone levels back to normal. While testosterone itself doesn't cause hair loss, the use of testosterone - whether in the form of an injection or in any other form - can accelerate the progression of male pattern baldness.If you're trying to overcome low testosterone levels with a natural stimulant supplement, this shouldn't be a common problem. When you increase your testosterone levels by receiving a testosterone injection, applying a gel, or using a testosterone patch, you provide more testosterone for the enzyme alpha-reductase 5 to use for the conversion of testosterone to DHT.It's important to note that some people will conclude that taking testosterone boosters can cause hair loss - this is often based on misunderstandings about medical testosterone treatments.

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